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Welcome to Dive Ocean, welcome to good friends!
You can talk for hours how good a diving center or any other company is. How professional they work, which image they have, who has the better logo and cares more about customers. But in the end it''s always the people you meet there, that make you take your own decision. That''s why Staff is very important for us. We choose professional and nice people with a lot of individualism that all love doing their job. This is very difficult to present in some words anyway, the following fact sheets can maybe give you a little idea


Nationality: Italian
Position: Base leader
Languages: Italian, English, French
Diving Experience: Diving since 2006 . Instructor since 2010.  With Dive Ocean since 01/2012 
Hobbies: Diving, Music, Movies, Travelling
Favourite fish: Manta rays, Sharks, Dolphins


Nationality: German
Position: Asst. base leader
Languages: German, English,
Diving Experience: Diving since 1984. Instructor since 1997. With Dive Ocean since 07/2013 
Hobbies: Travelling, Tourguiding, Chess, Reading
Favourite fish: Whale Shark, Manta Rays, Mantis Shrimp


Nationality: Italian
Position: Instructor
Languages: Italian, French, English
Diving Experience: Diving since 2006. Instructor since 2013.  With Dive Ocean since 11/2013 
Hobbies: Mountain Bike, Running, Ski Montaineering
Favourite fish: Shark, Nudi Branch, Eagle Ray


Nationality: German
Position: Instructor
Languages: German, English
Diving Experience: Diving since 2000, Instructor since 2010. With Dive Ocean since 02/2014
Hobbies: Travelling, Music, Photography
Favourite fish: Sharks,  Rays, Sunfish, Nudibranchs


Nationality: Maldivian
Position: Divemaster
Languages: English, Dhivehi
Diving Experience: Diving since 2011. Divemaster since  2011. With Dive Ocean since 08/2011
Hobbies: surfing, watching movies
Favourite fish: Shark, Whale shark


Nationality: Bangladesh

Position: Compressor Boy

Languages: English, Bangladesh

Hobbies: Cricket, Volleyball, Football