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Welcome to Dive Ocean, welcome to good friends!
You can talk for hours how good a diving center or any other company is. How professional they work, which image they have, who has the better logo and cares more about customers. But in the end it´s always the people you meet there, that make you take your own decision. That's why Staff is very important for us. We choose professional and nice people with a lot of individualism that all love doing their job. This is very difficult to present in some words anyway, the following fact sheets can maybe give you a little idea


Nationality: Spanish
Position: Base Leader
Languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian
Diving Experience: Diving since 1992. Instructor since 1998. With Dive Ocean since 12/2005

Hobbies: reading, diving
Favourite fish: Sharks


Nationality: Austrian
Position: Assistant Base Leader
Languages: English, German
Diving Experience: Diving since 2005. Instructor since 2012. With Dive Ocean since 11/2011
Hobbies: Ski and sports
Favourite fish: Eagle ray

Nationality: Italian
Position: Instructor
Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish
Diving Experience: Diving since 2001 , Instructor since 2005 , With Dive Ocean since 10/2009
Hobbies: Diving, Windsurfing
Favourite fish: Hammerhead shark, Whale shark, Grey reef shark

Nationality: Italian
Position: Diving Instructor
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish
Diving Experience: Diving since 2007. Instructor since 2012. With Dive Ocean since 09/2013
Hobbies: Sports, traveling and reading
Favourite fish: nudibranchs,sharks,frogfish


Nationality: British
Position: Diving Instructor
Languages: English, French
Diving Experience: Diving since 2001. Instructor since 2001. With Dive Ocean since 12/2013
Hobbies: Cycling, Travelling & Reading
Favourite fish: Clownfish


Nationality: Maldivian
Position: Divemaster
Languages: English, Dhivehi
Diving Experience: Diving since  2005. Divemaster since 2010.  With Dive Ocean since 02/ 2011 
Hobbies: snorkeling, watching movies, reading, writing
Favourite fish: Whale Shark, White Tip reef shark

Nationality: Bangladesh
Position: Compressor boy.
Languages: English, Dhivehi, Bangladesh
Hobbies: Football and Cricket
Nationality: Bangladesh
Position: Compressor boy/Helper
Languages: Bangladesh, English
Hobbies: Football