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Mar 2013  -  Maldives Coral Spawning Back to the list

At Coco Bodu Hithi we are now witnessing the Full Moon Coral Spawning of the month of March.

The Coral Spawning is a very special event!

Corals are made of tiny animals called polyps that produces a hard limestone skeleton and live inside it, as a colony.

Synchronized by the Full Moon of the month of March and April (in Maldives), the polyps of the corals simultaneously release eggs and sperms in the water at night, performing their annual sexual reproduction.

This event is known as Coral Spawning.

The red/brown floating slime visible during the day at sea and on the beach is the result of the corals night activity and despite its unpleasant smell it is totally harmless: swimming through it poses no risk.

Coral Reefs are extremely important and fragile eco systems that provide
oxygen and life to our Oceans.
Nowadays they are threatend by global warming, ocean acidification and pollution.
The Spawning is a crucial and vital process of their life.

We kindly invite you to truly enjoy this fascinating spectacle of the Nature.