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Apr 2013  -  Whaleshark in North Male Atoll Back to the list

On April 03rd at Bodu Hithi’s dive site Rasfari Beyru, at 15 meters depth our lucky divers saw the biggest fish of the world, the Whale Shark, appearing from the deep blue!

The harmless Whale Sharks feed only on plankton and can reach the length of 13 meters. In Maldives only young individuals are spotted, measuring less than 8 meters.
Their skin is decorated with white spots and stripes, different for each individual:
as for the Manta Rays, this skin coloration is used for the Photo Identification.
Every individual is registered in the Maldivian Whale Shark Database with a
CODE (WS+Number) and a NAME.
This Whale Shark is NEW and it is now registered as: WS 177 ANDREA.
Congratulations to Andrea, Bodu Hithi’s Dive Ocean Base Leader!