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Nov 2012  -  Dive Ocean Dhuni Kolhu house reef news Back to the list

Dhuni Kolhu House Reef may not be one of the most spectacular House Reefs in comparison to others in the Maldives, but we have many good reasons why this House Reef can still be enjoyed!

As with everything in Nature, nothing can be guaranteed, and often we enjoy exciting and beautiful dives.  It is also the ideal environment for beginners.
Together, the Dive Ocean Dhuni Kolhu Team has so far identified a total of 83 different species of fish around our House Reef.

From the Big Majestic Marine life -  Dolphin, Manta Ray, Black Tip Shark, Napoleon, Tuna and Turtle, to the small - Nudibranch, Ghost Pipe Fish, Flat Worm, Shrimps and Octopus, as well as many large schools of Fusiliers, Soldier Fish and Powder Blue Surgeon Fish.

It is not only the Fish life, but also the new Coral growth forming. Small buds of Soft Sponge Coral, Hard Coral and large Carpet Anemones, that assists us to teach awareness of just how long it takes for a small Coral to grow, and the beauty and color it brings to our reefs.