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Jan 2012  -  Green Turtles released in Biyadoo! Back to the list

Between March and April 2011, 2 green turtles arrived on Biyadoo beach to lay their eggs. In June and July we had the beautiful chance to see these amazing creatures hatching.

If heading towards the water immediately after hatching, most of them are hunted by predators and only few of them can survive. So the resort decided to keep the baby turtles in a pool to let them grow up and give them a better chance of survival.

At the beginning the staff of the resort put the puppies in a pool with salt water feeding them every day. After few months they put the grown turtles in a cage in the lagoon where they lived until today.

It has been such a beautiful sensation to see them being released into freedom now.

At the beginning they have been a bit disoriented swimming in any direction. But after few minutes…it is incredible how fast these babies found their way into the open ocean. In the future the same turtles will come back to Biyadoo to lay their eggs as their mothers did. This is a fantastic natural process.