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Jul 2011  -  A very specialised diver... Back to the list

Dive Ocean would like to congratulate Ms. Christine Jones as the first diver to obtain 4 new certifications with Dive Ocean within her one stay at Biyadoo!


She has taken on the PADI Drift Diver Specialty, the Night Diver Specialty, the Digital Underwater Photography and the Shark Diver Specialty. Christine wanted to be a very qualified diver and she now definitely is! The Drift Diver, Night Diver and the Digital Underwater Photography have taught her plenty of new skills she will be applying throughout her future dive career. The Shark Specialty has taught her more about the characteristics of the various sharks around and their habits. During many of her dives she has been able to observe both the White tip reef shark as well as plenty of grey reef sharks and on one occasion the divers have witnessed the grey reef sharks as they were hunting down the surrounding shoal of fusiliers.


We are looking forward to diving again with Christine for more thrilling dives at Dive Ocean Biyadoo.


See you soon!

Koen, Simona, Diego, Ania, Rixi, Hiromi, Nasif, Mosa and Bashar.