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Sep 2010  -  Seldom shark encouter at Bodu Hithi Back to the list

August has been a great month for those who are fascinated by the most famous predators of the ocean - the sharks.


Recently a sicklefin lemon shark of about two meters length showed up during several dives at our house reef and in the deeper parts of the lagoon in front of the diving center. Other times it has been seen in company of two black tip reef sharks of just about his size in front of the restaurant AIR.

The sicklefin lemon shark's appearance is almost identical to the better known lemon shark of the America's.


Their appearance is almost identical, the only difference of our specimen are the more falcate fins. Both have a plain yellowish brown coloration which was inspiration for the nomenclature.


It is an indolent species, resting still on the bottom of the sea or imperturbably cruising just above it. This shark is relatively sedentary and rarely undertakes long distance movements.


The sicklefin lemon shark can grow up to a length of more than 3m and has the reputation to defend itself quickly when provoked, touched or otherwise alarmed. But normally and how often observed, it is shy and unassertive to approach. It commonly moves away when a diver is entering his sight.


For those who have "Jaws" in mind now: The common sharks in Maldives are shy creatures. Observing them during a dive is always an exciting moment but no incident of sharks attacking humans ever occured in Maldives.


So relax, enjoy your dive with us and the company of these majestic animals.