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Apr 2010  -  Dive Ocean Dhuni Kolhu honoured by PADI Back to the list

We at Dive Ocean Dhuni Kolhu have received a certificate of recognition for outstanding customer service and professionalism as well as conitnued loyalty and support to PADI.

To say it in other words: Many great customers of the past year have given very positive feedback about us to our training organisation PADI and this makes us very proud and happy!

Of course we used the occasion to have a little party and resume the time since we started to manage the diving center at Dive Ocean Dhuni Kolhu in December 2008! It gave us great satisfaction to have achieved an official recognition based on your happiness as "our" divers in just little more than a year and we will continue doing our best to make your holidays with us great ones.


A HUGE thank you to all our divers and students for the support, to our great current team and former team members in the last year and of course also to all resort workers and management of Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu who constantly support us.......and arranged our party!