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Mar 2010  -  New dive sites discovered in Baa Atoll Back to the list

At Dive Ocean Dhuni Kolhu we used the chance of a few free afternoons to discover interesting new dive sites for you.

Three dive sites for all experience levels:


Mas Giri is covered with beautiful corals, surrounded by tunas and barracudas, eagle and manta rays. A great new spot for the dry season.


Embodhoo Reef is a small but very interesting wall which we consider a paradise for macro fans. Tiny creatures of the ocean in abundance are to find here


Ma Giri  is a beautiful , shallow and relaxed dive with colourful hard corals. Perfect for inexperienced or insecure divers to gain experience in a relaxed but still fascinating environment but also interesting for experienced divers for example as second dive on our two tank excursions.






Only for advanced divers we discovered the fantastic:


Vilingili Thila   A dive site with an amazing number of fishes around; trevallies, mackerels and a lot of sharks next to all other kind of common reef fish of the Indian Ocean.
It is a dive site for advanced divers only though as the plateau which builds the reef top and in the same time is the shallowest point of the dive, lies in a depth of 20m.