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Jun 2009  -  Dive Ocean Dhuni Kolhu joins the Baa Atoll Project Back to the list

This month Dive Ocean Dhuni Kolhu joined the Baa Atoll Project.

One of the aims is saving, conserving and protecting Hanifaru, a marine protected dive site in the north east of the Baa Atoll where Marine biologists are having a Whale Shark and Manta Ray Research Project.

During rainy season we will find plenty of them there. This dive site attracts of course a lot of snorkelers and divers and the Baa Atoll Project members agreed on a daily boat limitation so that the Mantas and Sharks are not been disturbed too much.

It is a precious dive site and it needs our protection.
The good news: Dive Ocean Dhuni Kolhu will offer full day trips to Hanifaru in the near future while respecting the Hanifaru guidelines.

If you like to know more about Manta rays and Whale sharks please contact the mentioned websites: