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About Dive Ocean

Dive Ocean is a young and growing star in the dive industry and operating in Maldives since April 2001. At the moment Dive Ocean Diving Centers are based on 3 different Island Resorts. The core of the dive ocean philosophy is the customer and his expectations. That means our mission is to bring "what the customer gets" as close as possible to "what the customer wants". And it is this mission that creates every single detail of Dive Ocean.


From the moment you arrive on our islands, the Dive Ocean Staff will welcome you and provide all information about your diving holiday with us. But not only this: we also seek personal contact with our guests. We like to know you as a person not as a number. This means that we spend time with our guests also outside of duty.


You come to us for diving. So we want to make your diving experience an unforgettable memory: We keep our dive groups as small as possible no matter if course or certified divers. The selection of our dive spots is not a weekly repeating program but a well made decision which tries to meet every single guests needs. And your equipment will be brought on the boat and back for you. For us it is not important how much you dive, but how much you enjoy it.


The Staff is the face of a company and we want to look good for you. Over water and under water during duty and after duty. For us this means that over water you can get instruction and briefings in your mother language, under water you can feel safe with us and during and after duty you can speak with us about anything. This is why our whole team is multilingual, experienced and every single one likes doing his job. We hope you can feel it.


We want to take you under water safely. We are only using quality equipment that we maintain more often than necessary. We choose lower Ratios of Instructor to students and guide to divers. We are DAN Member. We identify little problems, before they turn into big ones. And this is why we can take you under water without any worries day by day.


Missions and goodwill are nothing without control. We want to know if we were successful in fulfilling your expectations and not just believe in our self. We want your feedback. This is why we use quality control to improve our service for you. Because you as a customer are the center of dive ocean.